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Keep Calm and Focus on Your Customer

Let’s start today’s post with some numbers. Any idea what the following percentages might represent? 71% 5% 57% 21% Save your response, we’ll get back to this later. Over the last few weeks, E-Nor clients have been contacting me about ITP 2.1. What…

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Real-Time Personalization in Google Optimize

This article covers the topic of real-time website personalization both from a strategic standpoint and from a technical standpoint, including some considerations for Google Optimize/Optimize 360. Strategically speaking, let’s consider the underlying value…

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Data-Driven Marketing Revisited

Creating and executing a data-driven marketing program is an easy concept to agree with. Who would disagree? How could anyone disagree? This is what we’ve been reading about, hearing and believing for years. We all know that if we can successfully use data to…

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This just in… A Google Data Studio Update

Google announced 3 important upgrades to Data Studio on Friday, March 7, 2019. After taking a closer look, I wanted to share some quick impressions. Scheduled Email Delivery Scheduled Email Delivery – one of the most frequently requested features for Data…

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