User segmentation

MoEngage is great at analyzing your customers

MoEngage allows you to drill deeper into relevant metrics such as engagement levels, churn likelihood, and customer behavior at different touchpoints. It provides actionable insights and helps you eliminate bottlenecks in your strategy.


MoEngage allows you to segment audiences with precision

With MoEngage, it’s easy to set up different audience segments to ensure everyone receives the right offer at the right time. Take advantage of predictive, data-driven models and group customers based on their behaviors and attributes.


MoEngage helps you engage customers across channels

Use a plethora of options offered by MoEngage to connect with your customers at just the right time. This includes mobile and web push, email, SMS, on-site messaging, in-app messaging, and many more ways to communicate with people across your funnel.

A-B testing

MoEngage lets you personalize your offering

MoEngage excels at empowering you to market your products and services through highly-targeted, personalized messages at scale. It unifies vast amounts of data on your customers to help you create tailored recommendations.