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What you don’t know – you can’t improve.

Want higher conversion?
Improve online experience

Want a better online experience?
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e-CENS helps upgrade your Web Analytics to better understand your customers, improve the user experience, marketing efficiency, and conversion rates.

True or False?

You have great products and services, you created amazing offers, yet, many of your online visitors never make it to the point where they can enjoy them. They abandon the journey.

Do you know why?
Your team is working hard on getting the campaigns out of the doors and producing mounts of data. You receive report after report and look for what can move that needle.

When was the last time you received the “golden nugget” insight from that daily pile of data?

Do you wonder if the experience adjustments you invested in are making a difference? And for whom?

If only you knew which half of your marketing budget was wasted, if you only knew which audience had the lift from your latest campaign, your results would be very different.

With e-CENS Web Analytics, they can be.

Web Analytics by e-CENS

e-CENS enables you to see what actions important user segments are taking.

We reveal where there are frictions and why abandonment occurs on the journey to conversion.

Our expert team will:

Customer Journey

When prospects come to your site directly or from other channels, they need to go through multiple steps and perform multiple actions on their way to the ultimate destination – conversion.

Journey abandonment kills conversion. You’d love to reduce abandonment if you could fix it.

Unfortunately, you can’t fix it until you know where they struggle.

And, the audience is clearly signaling what they want and what they don’t want via their actions.

Are you able to tell what they don’t like and which drop-off points plunge your results?


One size doesn’t fit all! 

Different sets of users behave differently with your website. Thus, it is extremely important for every online business to understand how these users behave on their website. With our in-depth analytics tracking and implementation, we enable you to identify and operationalize advanced user segmentation and use them to enhance the user experience on the website – through personalization activities and targeting with tailored marketing campaigns. 

When you introduce a new experience, how do you know whether the decision was good or bad?

Numbers don’t tell the story until you look at segments.

Maybe, on average, their online journey works out ok. But, that can mean some  users hate it, and some love it. 

Would you like to get to know your customers better?

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What Should You Expect from e-CENS Web Analytics Engagement?



We talk to different stakeholders across the organization to understand the business requirements. Working directly with your IT teams helps us understand the technical setup of your current Web Analytics. We learn what your business wants to achieve to bring you closer to your desired state. We spend a considerable amount of time understanding your business, your customers’ baseline behavior, and results. Some of the areas we cover with business stakeholders include:

  • Which traffic converts the best
  • How invested budget translates into the results
  • Which investment brings you the highest revenue

Discovery with the IT team reveals what tools, technologies, and methods they use and whether what they have is sufficient to support business needs. When we find gaps, we recommend appropriate technical solutions to be put in place to track and collect sufficient behavioral data. Then, we verify that the data is collected correctly.

Discovery allows us to understand your customer journey across multiple touchpoints. Often, across different parts of your organization. One of our key deliverables is ensuring that multiple siloed data sources and multiple data inputs are combined into a single data output. 

We connect all the separate data sources to enable the extraction of new, actionable insights.


Solution Framework

e-CENS transforms your Key Business Requirements (KBR) into KPIs and metrics. Building on your requirements, we map them to all data points from your site, applications, and other sources. All complex online behavior information is captured using dimensions and metrics. We translate this data into a Metrics Architecture that is as unique as your business.

A key feature of an effective framework is proper and detailed naming conventions. It ensures that recipients understand the story the data tells. 

Data analysis must be granular enough to reveal where the lift comes from. Consider, for example, a website streaming video content in multiple locations catering to different verticals or describing different offerings. We need to collect the overall video view insights, as well as detailed video consumption stats stratified by line of business, buyer category, video category, etc. 

We identify and roll up the actions across customer segments, thereby delivering your Web Analytics Metrics Architecture that’s ready to be operationalized.


Technical Implementation

e-CENS transforms KPIs into the code on the technical platforms to ensure proper tracking. Data collected includes user interaction and behavior tracking, connecting results to actions – yours and visitors’. This is the phase when we are gathering data regarding failure points, success points, and anything in between.

We perform in-depth audits and regression testing to ensure the quality and accuracy of the analytics implementation on your website. We perform this exercise both in staging and production environments before publishing analytics developments into production. This rigor enables us to meet the business requirements in the minimum time while ensuring the quality delivered. 


Reporting & Dashboarding

With Technical Implementation complete, you will have lots of data at your disposal – more than ever before. However, data that comes out of tracking at this point is semi-structured. Semi-structured or unstructured data doesn’t reveal much –  until it goes through structuring and transformation. 

We create brand new data dashboards and visualizations for various business functions. These dashboards provide a unique and meaningful combination of dimensions and metrics for the various business users. They enable each function to discover hidden actionable insights.

Dashboarding is key to converting data into visually-accessible information. Your data will tell a story – many stories. Each stakeholder is provided with the insights they need without overloading them with unnecessary data. For example, business executives need profitability and projections. The IT team is equipped with real-time insights into the performance issues or JavaScript failures to address proactively.


Analysis, Insights, and Training

In large organizations, no one person will use and own all the insights and findings we uncover during the engagement. 

Finding deep, hidden, and actionable insights in the vast amounts of data could be a tedious job and most certainly requires years of experience in the domain. Here at e-CENS, we work closely with our clients to find these hidden gems with enormous value. We have demonstrated our ability to optimize the user experience and improve conversion rates.

At the end of the project, when all analysis is complete and recommendations are delivered, we help with the transition of the newly created analytics implementation. We support all teams to ensure they can independently maintain the solutions we delivered. It is vital that the technical solutions we built and the data structures we implemented continue providing insights again and again to your organization. 

Therefore, every delivery includes training and coaching of your personnel to transfer everything we learned and ownership of tools installed. Such training is one of our core competencies. A critical component of our service is to ensure that you are self-sufficient moving forward. 

Our engagement concludes with a checklist for ongoing maintenance of the new capability and a collaboration blueprint for multiple in-house teams.

Tool-Agnostic Web-Analytics

We don’t force you to adopt any particular Web Analytics tool or to buy more technology. We work with what you already have – whether it’s Adobe Web Analytics or any tool on the market – we use multiple tools at a time, and we are familiar with them all.

Our creativity and comprehensive approach are not limited by a single software framework. We have a wider lens into the world of data than any one of the analytics software manufacturers offer.

Visualization Technologies

During Dashboarding Phase, we will be using your data visualization tools or free Data Studio. If none of the available tools will have the required advanced capabilities, we will approach this subject with you to discuss potential additional capabilities required for your organizational needs.

The tools we work with include Tableau, Google Data Studio, DOMO, Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics.

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