Understanding GA4: Interaction Hits vs. Event Hits

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What defines an Interaction Hit versus an Event Hit?

This might seem like a simple question – but it is vitally important when it comes to separating Google Analytics 4’s event-based data model from Universal Analytics’.

Behind GA4’s Event-Based Data Model

Universal Analytics (UA) recognizes seven separate hit types, i.e., types of trackable user interaction:

  • Page view
  • Event
  • Social
  • e-Commerce
  • User timing
  • Exception
  • App/Screen view


In UA, an Event represents a type of hit; in GA4, however, all hits are Events. This means that GA4’s event-based data model is fundamentally different: this goes far beyond adjustments in nomenclature.

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For insights into the real differences between hits in GA4 and Universal Analytics, and to learn about the anatomy of a GA4 event in more detail, watch Holger Tempel’s latest video: 


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Holger Tempel

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