The Customer Data Platform (CDP)

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Data you don’t unify
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Customer Data Platform
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e-CENS develops and implements end-to-end marketing services. From strategy through to technical implementation, e-CENS ensures the efficacy of your 1:1 marketing and personalization campaigns.

Why do you need a Customer Data Platform (CDP)?

A customer data platform (CDP) empowers every marketing organization to be data-driven – to make the right decisions about where to invest time and money for the best customer experience.

With data arriving from more channels and in more formats than ever, there is no shortage of data for the marketing team to use.

Unfortunately, without the right strategy to handle all the data coming in from web, apps, in-store transactions, and call centers, the abundance of data may result only in a cacophony of noise, rather than clear information.

How do marketers take all that noisy data and turn it into a symphony?

This is a non-trivial challenge, especially because it occurs in an ever-evolving economic and regulatory landscape. 

Consider the massive impact on data management due to new privacy regulations. Add to this the loss of third-party cookies for ad tracking, changing consumer habits, and navigating historical societal changes. It’s enough to overwhelm even the most seasoned data-driven marketing organizations.

Customer data is the key to every company’s future. It is the primary way to understand your customers’ attitudes and buying preferences. To ensure the best experience, you need to manage and activate data in real-time.

What Are the Key Functions
of a Customer Data Platform?

The Customer Data Platform is a key tool to help you

make the most out of every drop of data to craft your customer experience:

Take Advantage of Customer Data Platform Features

Customer Data Hub

The Customer Data Hub is a single implementation to collect and manage all prospect and customer data. Better still, it makes data available at every customer touchpoint and marketing technology vendor – in real-time. When properly set up, they fuel exceptional customer experiences and insights. 

Your Customer Data Hub allows you to:

  • Manage client-side data and tag vendors;
  • Collate data from all customer touchpoints;
  • Apply business logic to enrich data;
  • Identify Your most valuable audiences;
  • Manage server-side data and vendor connections;
  • Store data for later analyses

Tealium’s Customer Data Hub

This wide range of functionality is enabled through the use of the following product offerings within Tealium’s Customer Data Hub: 

  • iQ Tag Management
  • EventStream
  • AudienceStream
  • DataAccess

Customer Data Platform Capabilities

Bring segmentation and personalization to a new level with these Customer Data Platforms capabilities:

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e-CENS’s team of data experts has over 15 years of experience in data management and analysis to drive competitive advantage and successful business outcomes.

As one of the leading CDP providers in the UAE, we look forward to helping you unlock the power of your data.

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