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Dashboards for Data Visualization and Reporting

e-CENS designs and builds interactive, highly visual, and insightful reports and dashboards. We convert massive volumes of data into meaningful information – ensuring that every function is empowered to implement data-led decisions to support operations and improve business results.

Data Visualization, Reporting, and Dashboards

e-CENS’ Dashboards for Data Visualization and Reporting Service provides you with structured enterprise-wide reporting with actionable insights from the data, customized for each function and level.

Have you been making major marketing technology investments lately?

Did they improve visibility into the actual performance or add more layers of complexity?

With any major investment you make, the organizational expectation is to improve the ROI. The aim may also be to reduce operational costs and burden and/or to hit higher revenue goals.

However, the reality is that the newly implemented technology often requires a larger headcount and resources to operate. And not all of them improve the understanding of the marketing effort attribution. 

Sometimes, additional tools make it even harder to see the complete and true picture.

How Do You Get the True Insights Today?

We see it in our typical client scenario: you are a leading company selling products or services through ecommerce, mobile apps, affiliate websites, and retail store partners, with every product sold on many channels. 

What single report are you using today to see all product sales information and give insight into each channel’s comparative performance? Can you clearly see which channel has the highest ROI and where the optimization investment is most needed?

If this is familiar – it’s time for your business to invest in company-wide reports and dashboards. Save time, redeploy resources to value-add activities, and enjoy clear answers to day-to-day questions.

Acquiring Agility and Competitive Edge

e-CENS’ dashboards enable quick and smart decisions at all levels of your organization, positioning your company to be more agile: test and iterate faster than competitors.

On the other hand, good dashboards lead to important and consistent discoveries and improve your customer relationships, selling practices, and overall results.

It is time to find and leverage valuable insights that help you move the needle.

Focusing Your Resources on Actions, Not Data Compilations

Dashboards and insightful reports are the lifeblood of a successful organization. Without them, many human-days and weeks are spent on meaningless data handling that provides no clues into which decisions and changes move the needle in very competitive markets. 

Averages and aggregations may hide the golden nuggets, and lack of micro-segmentation obscures major wins. Few teams have time to dig into every aspect that looks average. 

Do you want to free your teams from hours of data handling and analyze it instead?

Ending Insights Fragmentation

Your organization is composed of multiple teams collaborating yet responsible for different aspects of running the business. They all require different inputs and are in charge of different KPIs to measure the results and effectiveness behind the activities they implement. 

Are you ready to have one single source of truth?

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What Should You Expect from
e-CENS Reporting and Dashboard Project?

e-CENS deploys a time-tested methodology to design and deploy the best-in-class reports and dashboards.


Phase I. Gather Business Requirements for Dashboards

In this phase, we meet with the client team and multiple individuals from different departments to discuss and collect everyone’s wishes and needs. We collectively brainstorm to document all the requirements into a comprehensive set of specs. This step results in the clarification of objectives, KPIs, and desired results, detailing the applicable dimensions and timeframes.

We account for different needs at different levels. Executive dashboards are very different from those revealed to employees responsible for campaigns or specific products.

Typical roles and functions involved in requirements gathering include:

  • Ecommerce Managers
  • Marketing Managers
  • IT Team
  • Analysts
  • Executives

Phase II. Gather and Transform Data to Fit the Requirements

At this step, we design and create new variables, calculations, perform data modifications, merges, deduping, and a variety of other operations. Typically, this step creates a substantially new dataset that the client organization did not have prior. This preparation work is necessary to connect data from disparate sources into a unified view and design data-element interactions in dashboards in ways that do not exist in native sources.


Phase III. Design Dashboards with the Most Suitable Visualizations

We apply the most appropriate visualizations to accommodate each set of metrics and data, creating an interactive experience to tell the story of your data. 

The best visual dashboard allows users to connect data from multiple data sources, blending them in new ways, and presenting them intuitively to support easy interpretation. 

e-CENS’ expertise includes information visualization and consumption psychology, guiding us to provide the right types of visuals for each story the dashboard is telling. We deploy the most appropriate charts and visuals to display the mix of multiple dimensions, views, timelines, and other data-control elements. 

Dashboards ultimately roll up into just a couple of screens to provide a comprehensive overview of the organization at a glance. 

e-CENS designs and implements a variety of dashboards. These are some of the samples used for demonstration purposes:


Phase IV. Roll Out Dashboards and Train the Users

Upon development and testing, e-CENS pushes the dashboards live and trains users and internal administrators on how to properly leverage and maintain the setup. We enable self-service with additional training of your internal support team.

Consolidation of Silo Reports into a Unified Dashboard

Marketing tech stacks and other technology have expanded significantly over the years.

Your organization likely has a variety of marketing automation tools, eCommerce SaaS tools, online applications, internal systems housing purchase data, social media tools, and so on. Each tool you purchase comes with its own internal reporting and all house bits and pieces of the overall picture, while none provides a unified view into all the data.

None of these toolsets enables fully integrated data visibility simultaneously for the bottom-up view (from individual customer transactions up to the total revenue) or the top-down view (a view of total results as a combination of individual transactions).

Dashboard Visualization Tools and Technology

Custom Dashboards using enterprise-grade Data Visualization and Reporting technology enables your organization to pump actionable data and insights into each function and empower your staff. 

e-CENS is a platform-neutral service provider. We work with industry-leading tools, such as Tableau, Google Data Studio, Microsoft BI, DOMO, Looker, etc.

We are happy to apply your current toolset in our Reporting and Dashboard implementation.

Should you not have one or would like to upgrade your reporting environment and implement a new solution, reach out. We can provide a thorough requirements review and recommend the best options based on your needs, budget, and preferences.

How to Build a Google Dashboard?

There are two ways to build a Google Dashboard:

  1. Google Analytics – limited capabilities
  2. Google Data Studio – advanced capabilities


Typically, clients require the advanced visualizations available through Google Data Studio. Google Data Studio is a superior option allowing data connection of multiple data sources, including leading marketing automation tools. It combines custom dashboard configuration with powerful pre-built templates that help speed up dashboard design and implementation.

Versatility is the biggest benefit of Google Dashboard. Highly-customizable, it supports multiple views into the same set of data for the different teams inside your organization.

Curious if Google Data Studio Dashboard could be a suitable solution for your reporting needs?

Your e-CENS team will help you evaluate whether a Google Dashboard best suits your situation or recommend a more suitable alternative.

Google Dashboard is generally considered to be a mid-market solution.  But, enterprise organizations often require more advanced visualization than Google Data Studio dashboard supports. Generally, businesses with the most complex needs may require another commercial reporting and data visualization tool.

We work with all dashboarding tools and provide impartial and independent recommendations. These are solely based on your business requirements and budget, not our vendor affiliations.

Ready to create a single clear and comprehensive source of truth for your organization?

Contact us for more information and to discuss your Data Visualization needs.

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