Personalization: Making 1:1 Marketing a Reality

What you can't personalize
– you can't sell.

Customer Experience Personalization

e-CENS develops and implements end-to-end marketing services. From strategy through to technical implementation, e-CENS ensures the efficacy of your 1:1 marketing and personalization campaigns.

Customer Experience Personalization

e-CENS is an experienced Data and Personalization Service Provider with a significant track record of implementing effective solutions for leading complex, global organizations across various industries.

With advances in marketing technology, automation, and data-management methods, 1:1 Marketing is now a reality. End buyers anticipate that suggestions and product recommendations will be based on their interests. Genuine personalization has become standard in most industries. 

The new generation of 1:1 Marketing solutions can fully customize the whole customer journey across multiple channels –  creating a truly unique experience for each individual.

What Contribution Can e-CENS
Make to Your Personalization Efforts?

If you are considering adopting a personalization platform, we can:

Power Train of Personalization

A personalization platform is a big-ticket item. Unfortunately, as expensive as it may be, no other tool can realize genuine customer journey personalization. At the same time, brands are realizing that purchasing a personalization platform is not enough to bring them closer to creating truly targeted customer experiences. Not without first investing in the real engine to power the unique buyer experience: the data transformation

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What Should You Expect from
e-CENS’ Personalization Project?

e-CENS deploys a time-tested methodology to design and deploy best-in-class solutions. 

The first step towards differentiated experience includes building audiences and segments and serving customized experiences across your audience segments.



We start by collecting customer behavior patterns. To collect information about consumer behavior, we first implement detailed tracking. Then, our team embeds an appropriate number and variety of tracking pixels on your digital properties – a significant investment with proven outcomes. With tracking properly installed and configured, this data collection provides ongoing observations, analysis, and optimization long after the personalization project is over.



With the data in place, we define an audience subset based on behavior. Then, this audience segment is delivered customized website pages or campaigns. Our data scientists build advanced predictive models that learn and improve their performance over time and drive the differentiated experience.



Personalization is the most advanced optimization among all those available in your marketing and customer experience toolbox. 

Personalization goes beyond segmentation. e-CENS empowers you to create truly differentiated experiences for each individual user. We support you to identify small variances in user behavior to create a unique customer journey.

e-CENS has deep expertise in personalizing browsing activities: product selection, in-app promotions, offers and discounts, upsells, targeted content, and in-app messages. Any channel and any digital experience can be differentiated, and we have the technical expertise to ensure a smooth implementation.

Customer Journey Mapping Case Study

Learn how partnering with e-CENS has boosted a telecommunications business’ CRO by 319.21% through Google Analytics (360) Enhanced eCommerce implementation.

Personalization Journeys​

Did you know that price-sensitivity analysis can determine what types of products should be prioritized for real-time upsells by analyzing cart behavior? For example, if a visitor is browsing or selecting the cheapest products, the predictive algorithm will prioritize only the cheapest products. Conversely, if the visitor has an affinity for high-end brands, the products served will be more expensive. 

Such customizations can be a pre-login and post-login experience. For non-eCommerce businesses, especially B2B, personalization of content is key. The home page content can be differentiated according to what we learned about the user on previous visits.

Personalization Tools and Technologies

e-CENS is technology-neutral and works with any advanced tools (e.g., Sitecore, Optimizely, Google Optimize, etc.). We implement Tealium AudienceStream CDP to provide tracking data to any 1:1 Marketing engine.

Reinforce Your Technical and Analytical Capabilities

Personalization is not a trivial investment. It requires multiple technologies: online activity tracking, data engineering, predictive and advanced modeling, and finally, a powerful platform enabling the actual personalized experience.

Reliable Data Transformation Partner

e-CENS’ team is experienced in all aspects of the personalization initiative scoping and implementation and is ready to be your trusted partner in creating targeted customer journeys for the next generation of 1:1 marketing.

Ready to create differentiated, personalized experiences for your customers?

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