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Third-party cookies are going away – with server-side tagging, you will never miss them.

How We Make Server-Side Tagging Work For You

Server-side tagging is easily implemented with Google Tag Manager or Tealium IQ / Eventstream. 

e-CENS’s data analytics experts deliver results designed for your unique business needs.


Server-side tagging with e-CENS

e-CENS’s server-side tagging implementation ensures reliable data without compliance risks.

Google phases-out third-party cookies

With the elimination of third-party data tracking by Google Chrome, personalization once again becomes a challenge.

Adding onto the third-party cookie phase-out is Google’s decision not to introduce alternate tracking identifiers – creating a real problem for advertisers and marketers when it comes to audience segmentation and targeting. 

Still, this doesn’t mean quality customer experience management is out of reach.

Server-side tagging bridges the gap

Server-side tagging moves your advertising and measurement tags from your website into a secure server container.

Instead of going through a browser, tracking cookies from server-side prolongs their lifetime and ensures data security – not to mention improves your website’s performance overall. 

Avoid losing important data and keep all the advantages of your marketing analytics in 2023 and onwards.

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