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From Frustration to Flourishing: How e-CENS and Adjust Helped Mr Mandoob Deliver Success

Mr Mandoob offers delivery of Anything, Anywhere, and City-to-City: Advanced and Diverse Services. Right from Your Mobile Device.

One app that brings together various delivery services (Super App), meticulously developed and designed with love and professionalism to provide you with the finest experience and meet all your needs.

e-CENS is an internationally recognized team of seasoned consultants, engineers, and analysts helping clients at each stage of the data lifecycle, from collection to activation, to build a strategy and guide you through each step of the process. Adjust and e-CENS together are helping clients in the overall growth of their business.

The Challenge

  • Broken Deep Links: This critical flaw prevented users from being directed to the intended app page, leading to a poor user experience and reduced conversion rates.
  • Inadequate Fraud Prevention: The absence of robust fraud prevention measures exposed the client to potential financial losses and skewed campaign data.
  • Misconfigured Events: Essential events required for campaign optimization were not set up correctly, affecting the client’s ability to measure and adjust their marketing strategies effectively.
  • SKAN and Partner Setup: Incorrect configuration leading to the misattribution of app installations and other conversion events. This resulted in an unclear picture of which campaigns, ad groups, or creatives are performing well.


  • Comprehensive Technical Audit: Conducted a comprehensive audit of the existing mobile app setup, identifying all critical issues affecting marketing performance.
  • Collaboration with Client Business and Technical Team: Worked closely with both the technical and business teams of the client to align on objectives, gather requirements, and implement necessary changes.
  • Implementation of Solutions: Developed a comprehensive documentation that includes code snippets, configuration settings, and troubleshooting tips tailored to the client’s setup catering to all the identified issues –
    • Deep Link Implementation: Fixed and tested deep links to ensure seamless navigation and improved user experience.
    • Fraud Prevention: Enabled and configured advanced fraud detection tools within the Adjust  platform to protect against fraudulent activities and ensure data integrity.
    • Event Configuration: Redefined and properly configured the tracking of key events necessary for optimizing the marketing campaigns.
    • SKAN and Partner Setup: Designed and implemented a conversion value schema that captures the user engagement and conversion metrics critical to the client’s business strategy. Adjust the timing for conversion value updates to maximize the information gathered within the limits imposed by SKAN.

  • Training and Handover: Provided comprehensive training to the client’s marketing team on using the MMP platform effectively, and handed over the fully functional setup.


Post-implementation, the client experienced a significant transformation in their ability to run and optimize paid campaigns. The correctly implemented deep links, fraud prevention, and event tracking empowered their marketing team to:

  • Launch targeted campaigns swiftly and efficiently.
  • Measure campaign performance accurately and make data-driven decisions.
  • Minimize risks associated with ad fraud, thereby saving costs and improving ROI.
Mostafa Daoud

Mostafa Daoud

Mostafa Daoud is the Interim Head of Content at e-CENS.

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