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Adjust Attribution Reporting - Unlock Your Business Growth

Adjust Attribution Reporting–Unlock Your Business Growth!

To successfully traverse the dynamic landscape of mobile application marketing, exact measurement and optimization are essential. In this environment, a well-configured Adjust implementation is your trusted navigator, offering clear insights into campaign performance and maximizing your (ROAs).

However, even the most advanced tools require vigilant investigation. This article empowers you to identify three telltale signs that your Adjust set-up might require strategic adjustments, ensuring the integrity and effectiveness of your attribution data.

Recognizing these indicators and taking proactive steps paves the way for reliable data to flow into your business. A complete adjust setup will help you assess your marketing efforts effectively and avoid wasted ad budgets, leading to a higher ROAS.

Many businesses are inefficiently allocating 40% – 60% of their digital marketing resources. This inefficiency primarily stems from non-human traffic and poor viewability/placement. Identifying non-human traffic and effectively assessing your campaigns could help you avoid such wastage.

– Proxima Research

When leveraged correctly, adjust as your mobile attribution partner would be an essential tool to meet such objectives. Here are three signs that could indicate you’re missing out on leveraging adjust effectively for reliable attribution reporting and campaign optimization.

  1. Organic Install Inflation

Despite active marketing efforts in the iOS realm, suspicious high percentages in organic installs signal a potential misalignment between your Adjust settings and actual user acquisition channels. This inconsistency can also manifest as data discrepancies when compared to app stores and advertising partners.

image 13 Adjust Attribution Reporting–Unlock Your Business Growth!

Effective Solution:

Master SKAdNetwork (SKAN) and App Tracking Transparency (ATT) frameworks to ensure accurate reporting and campaign optimization. Partner with an e-CENS to fine-tune your Adjust configuration for seamless data collection and analysis. This is in addition to our training services.

  1. Data Discrepancy Growth

Growing data discrepancies, such as the number of installs, in-app events, and conversions, between Adjust figures and those reported by app stores or advertising partners are red flags not to be ignored. These inconsistencies can undermine your confidence in decision-making and hinder ROAS optimization efforts.

Effective Solution:

Conduct a thorough audit of your adjust partner integrations and make sure your implementation meets best practices. The integration with different advertising partners requires specific steps based on the features offered by each and your intended use cases. 

Ad Fraud could also be a complicit with such discrepancy issues, look for signs of Fraudulent activity and implement robust fraud prevention measures if needed.

  1. Untapped Raw Data Power

Neglecting to utilize Adjust’s raw data exports correctly signifies a missed opportunity to unlock the maximum potential of your user-level data. In today’s data-driven landscape, these insights are crucial for optimizing Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV) and navigating industry changes.

Leverage raw data exports to gain deeper insights into user behavior and identify potential discrepancies. This granular data can unlock previously unseen optimization opportunities.

The benefits of raw data can be summarized as:

  • Data only accessible through Raw data exports
    Ex: ATT_`status: to measure and optimize iOS ATT consent rate.
  • User-level data only accessible through the raw data
    Improve user experience and increase conversions
  • Building custom aggregate reports is not possible through the Adjust dashboard
    Additional insights for optimization.

Effective Solution:

When the possibilities are endless, allocating effort and focusing on the impactful possibilities first would make all the difference. Invest in training and guidance to effectively

utilize raw data exports and the different placeholders available. Empower them to understand the possibilities, implement relevant use cases and helps you generate a higher ROI. make data-driven decisions and achieve meaningful results for your mobile app campaigns.

We at e-CENS can help you brainstorm and highlight the most relevant use cases based on your industry and current growth objectives. 

Take Control of Your Growth Journey!

Are you experiencing any of the above three signs of an incomplete adjust implementation? Inaccurate reports and skewed data can lead to wasted resources and missed opportunities.

Here’s how we can help keep outdated configurations from compromising your success. We understand the challenges marketers are facing in an ever evolving industry, and in the past month alone, we have helped numerous brands reclaim control of their attribution reporting accuracy and growth journeys.

Learn more about our Adjust audit service.

With our adjust audit service, you will receive a detailed report within a week, highlighting areas for improvement and help you regain confidence in your attribution reporting accuracy.

You do not have to journey alone—partner with
e-CENS to navigate the path to success.

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