Proud to be on board – Dubai is now closer to Barcelona

My relationship with e-CENS team dates back to 2005, when Google acquired Urchin Software to become Google Analytics. We were privileged to be part of a small select group of companies around the world as authorized partners and consultants who had previous experience with Urchin.

For 15 consecutive years, we have been together at the international partner summit in Mountain View, and what we didn’t know is that 20 years later, we would be partners under the umbrella of the e-CENS brand based in Dubai and with a presence in EEUU, Germany and Spain (See PR note here, and the blog post in Imanta site).

I am proud to be part of e-CENS dream team and lead the office in Spain. But especially to be part of a team of 8 nationalities with an amazing experience in the field of turning your data into actionable insights.

A new challenge and a privilege to be on board.

Guillermo Vilarroig

Guillermo Vilarroig

Guillermo Vilarroig

Guillermo brings a wealth of experience in digital analytics, with over 20 years of experience (started with Webtrends, Urchin and Omniture in the old days), and now with modern Cloud Sales and marketing tech stacks. He has a proven track record of delivering results for B2B clients in an a variety of industries.

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