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e-CENS opens Europe office with webalytics GmbH as a partner

e-CENS opens e-CENS Europe office and welcomes Holger Tempel, webalytics GmbH founder, as a Partner – boosting e-CENS’ digital analytics services.

Dubai, UAE, June 20, 2021 – e-CENS’ team is pleased to announce that Holger Tempel, a digital analytics industry veteran, will join e-CENS bringing his analytics practice based in Frankfurt, Germany. With this addition, e-CENS aims to boost marketing technology and privacy thought leadership worldwide, expand its geographic footprint, and offer broader capabilities to its global clients.

Holger helps e-CENS bridge the gap into the privacy-centric European market, providing proven digital transformation, web analytics strategies, and marketing technological know-how.

The depth of Holger’s experience in the digital analytics industry is akin to none. He is equally effective as a trusted C-level strategic advisor, a hands-on practitioner, a passionate educator, and a strong voice of authority in the digital analytics industry.

Bashar Hafez, e-CENS Co-Founder, and Managing Director commented on the decision: “Partnering with Holger and welcoming the webalytics team into e-CENS enables us to deliver best-in-class services to our customers. This partnership increases the operational capability of e-CENS and brings a data-driven approach to a wide range of sectors, including Airlines, Banking, Telecom, eCommerce, Hospitality, Education, and Tourism. Holger Tempel’s knowledge of customer analytics, privacy topics, and compliance is critically important. The introduction of new privacy laws and the importance of 1st party data require a paradigm shift. Holger will steer our clients to the best practices that work.” He went on to add that: “Our clients will greatly benefit from his privacy and customer strategies expertise.”

Holger’s combined service and technology knowledge covers the increasingly complex multinational needs of global organizations. “Our combined team is well-positioned to expand into other new services together,” says Holger Tempel, CEO of webalytics, now operating as e-CENS Europe.

About Holger Tempel and Digital Analytics

Holger Tempel is the founder and managing director of webalytics GmbH. Holger initiated the exclusive partnership of webalytics with Google as one of the first 14 partners worldwide for Google Analytics in early 2005. Holger is considered one of the leading experts on digital analytics and is a renowned trainer who can simplify complex ideas into real-world practical examples with actionable insights.

About e-CENS

e-CENS is an internationally recognized team of digital analytics, UX/UI analytics, and personalization experts. We have over 15 years of experience working with leading global brands in finance, travel and hospitality, publishing, and e-commerce. Our clients trust us to advise them and manage their data to achieve competitive advantage and successful business outcomes.

Bashar Hafez

Bashar Hafez

Bashar is a seasoned global technology executive with nearly 20 years of experience leading software, product development, and analytics organizations at Fortune 500 companies, regional and global brands.

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