Universal Analytics vs. Google Analytics 4: User Metrics

ua vs. ga4

As the number of digital shoppers rises, so too do the types of devices they use to browse and purchase. These different devices represent equally valuable points of access. It is not a trivial analytics challenge to deal with all these data streams and keep track of your unique users. If you’re a multi-platform enterprise, […]

Your GA4 Migration Checklist – Auditing and Planning

Prepare for the future with the help of e-CENS’s GA4 migration guide

In March, Google confirmed what experts in the web analytics space have been anticipating for some time now: Universal Analytics will be fully decommissioned by October 2023. After several years in beta, its successor, Google Analytics 4, will become the new default Google Analytics property.  While it may feel like a race against time to […]

From Urchin to GA4: A History of Google Analytics


Introduction If you thought that “UA” in your Google tracking ID came from Universal Analytics, then it is time for a history lesson. You may be surprised to learn that “UA” stands for “Urchin Account”. And, the “UTM” stands for “Urchin Tracking Module”. The history of our technologies can pop up in surprising places. And […]

GA4 Key Features: What to expect

ga4 features

GA4 Key Features: What to Expect Universal Analytics vs. GA4: A reminder To recap, Universal Analytics was designed to support web analytics. While a workaround (using Firebase) was implemented to combine web page data and app data, this solution was highly technical. GA4 is designed from the ground up to blend web and app data. Also, […]

How is GA4 different from Universal Analytics?

GA4 vs GA3

Marketing teams are asking: ”how is GA4 different from Universal Analytics? Google Analytics is used by more than 60% of sites to measure and analyze website effectiveness. Marketers are well acquainted with Universal Analytics’ possibilities and functionalities. e-CENS presents what Google Analytics 4 (GA4) offers us instead. Google Analytics, Meet the Family Google Analytics is […]