Zero-party data, Cookies and their use in CDP

Zero-party data is information that is intentionally shared by consumers with companies in order to benefit from personalized services, improved user experiences, and/or rewards. Zero-Party Data consists of voluntary, explicit statements or actions from users that communicate their preferences, intentions, and circumstances. The deprecation of third-party cookies has led to the evolution of zero- and […]

5 Steps To Configure Facebook Conversion API in a GTM Server Side Container

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The Facebook Conversion API lets you send website conversion events from your server to Facebook. This is useful for tracking conversions that happen offline or on mobile apps, and it also reduces the risk of data loss due to browser issues. When paired with Google Tag Manager’s server-side container, you can use the Conversion API […]

How To Create a Server-Side Container for GTM


In this guide we will learn how to create new server-side container in Google Tag Manager and connect to Google Cloud account. Here are the steps you will complete: Create New Container in GTM Provision Your Server Connect Billing Account (optional) Create Billing Account Add Billing Information Before getting started, you’ll need the following: Admin […]