Top 20 Questions Asked About Google Analytics 4

What is Google Analytics GA4? The official answer is, “Google Analytics 4 is an analytics service that enables you to measure traffic and engagement across your websites and apps.” according to Google. We wrote a blog about Google Analytics’ history, from Urchin to GA4. But to get you up to speed, Google Analytics 4 or […]

What’s a Mobile Measurement Partner (MMP), and How Does It Work?

Imagine driving a plane, like a Boeing 747, with hundreds of passengers onboard, do you feel the pressure as a pilot? Okay, now I want you to imagine driving that Boeing 747 with blindfolds! Suddenly, everything changes, right? You don’t know where you’re going, you can’t see dashboards and determine if you will crash. That’s […]

A Comprehensive Guide to Customer Engagement Platforms

Have you thought about what’s your worst enemy as a business? Is it high operation costs? High customer acquisition costs? Overcomplicated marketing landscape? Well, according to our talks with our customers, we noticed a recurring pattern in their answers. Many businesses say that losing existing customers is one of their biggest problems, which makes sense. […]

What is Digital Transformation? 

What is The Definition of Digital Transformation? Well, it depends. So, in recent years, digital transformation has become a big thing where people use digital technologies to improve things for customers, help out employees, make business operations smoother, and add value to organizations. It’s all about revamping old processes or developing new services using digital […]