10 Trends in Customer Engagement in 2024

As businesses increasingly adopt artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, generative AI is poised to enhance customer engagement in 2024 significantly.  This cutting-edge technology complements existing AI capabilities like natural language processing (NLP) and predictive analytics, offering various applications. Generative AI can facilitate language translation, localization, consumer research, and behavioral analysis, providing deeper insights into customer preferences […]

Google Tag Manager vs Global Site Tag (gtag.js) – What are the Differences?

Google Tag vs gtag.js - What Are The Differences

Google Tag Manager (GTM) and gtag.js are two common methods for implementing tracking codes like Google Analytics on a website.  While they serve similar purposes, these two tools have some key differences. In this guide, we’ll compare GTM vs gtag to help you determine which implementation method is right for your needs. What is Global […]

Google Tag Manager vs Google Analytics – What are the Differences?

Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics are two of the most popular free tools digital marketers and website owners use today.  However, there is often confusion about the difference between the two tools and when to use each one.  In this comprehensive guide, we will compare Google Tag Manager vs Google Analytics side-by-side to show […]

What is Data Democratization? Understanding Data Access for All

Imagine standing before a vault, its heavy door finally swinging open after years of being tightly sealed. Inside lies not gold or jewels, but something far more valuable in today’s economy: data. This is the era of data democratization—a revolution that is quietly reshaping industries, empowering individuals, and igniting innovation on a global scale. Yet, […]

Customer Segmentation Analysis 101: What are Customer Segments?

Understanding customers has always been critical to our customers’ success when conducting analytics consulting business. Through years of working directly with clients across industries, we’ve learned that every customer has unique needs and priorities. A one-size-fits-all approach rarely works. So, we wrote this blog to explain to our customers how we segment and provide them […]

Google Is Deleting Your Data On Google Analytics! Here’s What to Do…

If you’ve been keeping up with tech news, you might have seen the updates Google is rolling out for its products. One notable update is the move to Google Analytics 4. In 2023, Google announced the retirement of Universal Analytics and told everyone to migrate to Google Analytics 4, commonly known as GA4. And so, […]

What is Data Governance, and Why is it Important?

When people hear the term “data governance,” they envision complex technical processes managed exclusively by IT personnel. The concept of data governance is broader than technology – it is a company-wide framework for managing data from acquisition to disposal, depending on its purpose. Furthermore, it is only partially internal. As the name suggests, data governance […]

What is a 360-degree Customer View? My Journey to Understand Customers

As the head of content at an agency that helps companies generate ROI by better understanding their data, I know that truly understanding customers is critical. I recently embarked on a journey to wrap my head around the concept of a “360-degree customer view”. This journey has taught me that a 360-degree view provides complete […]

Top Solutions to Overcome the 5 Biggest Challenges in Customer Journey Analytics

Why is it that we need to complicate everything? I mean, the customer journey isn’t rocket science, so why are there so many blogs around it? While not rocket science, a customer journey isn’t as straightforward as you might think. I mean, think about your last purchase that wasn’t impulsive. It’s a whole different beast; […]

5 Tips to Create a Robust Customer Journey Experience

Many marketers have this mystical vision of a customer journey experience like a novel-based journey, where everything is pre-determined, and you know where everything will fall. Is it actually like this? No! I was once guilty of thinking the same, but I feel no shame in admitting my wrongs and discussing them. But the more […]