Mobile Analytics | eBook

Mobile Analytics Ebook

Mobile App Analytics provide vital feedback on Apps, whether in development or production. Download the Mobile Analytics eBook for a comprehensive overview on their most crucial benefit in today’s market economy: instant insight into your App’s performance. Get the most out of Mobile Analytics Ever since the use of Mobile phones first surpassed computers back […]

Universal Analytics vs. Google Analytics 4 | eBook

UA vs. Google Analytics 4 eBook

Are you dreading the imminent discontinuation of Universal Analytics? Want to learn the benefits of Google Analytics 4? Then download our comprehensive “UA vs. Google Analytics 4” eBook. Table of Contents Get the most out of Google Analytics 4 To make sure the data you’re collecting remains valid, reliable, and actionable during this transitional period, […]

GA4 Migration Checklist

GA4 Migration Checklist

Any switch between analytics tools is a long, labor-intensive process that typically takes several months to complete fully. And this particular migration from UA to GA4 comes with its own set of challenges.

Improving Marketing Analytics with GTM Server-Side Tagging

GTM server side tagging

Server-side tagging from Google Tag Manager (GTM) offers a meaningful solution to the challenges raised by the regulatory environment. With regulatory tightening on personalization and retargeting in advertising, marketers need to be aware of the implications for their business. In this article, we discuss the most effective solutions you can use to adapt as marketing […]

7 Key Customer Success Metrics to Track

key customer success metrcs

Measuring your customer success metrics is one of the best ways to get a sense of how well your business is performing. Customer success is critical to a sustainable business strategy, especially in SaaS organizations. Too many tracking techniques start and end with customer acquisition, with little to no monitoring of what occurs after a […]

Clearing It Up: Google Analytics vs. Firebase

google analytics vs. firebase

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) has an interesting heritage — leading to GA4 being the first Google Analytics solution that supports both Web and Mobile Analytics.  So what does GA4’s arrival as Google’s new default analytics property mean for Firebase users? Can GA4 now fully replace Google Analytics for Firebase, or should they be used in […]

Google Analytics Implementation Checklist – Strategy Dos and Don’ts

google analytics implementation checklist strategy

This is the second piece in our GA4 Migration Checklist series, focusing on key aspects of the recommended Google Analytics implementation checklist. See our previous post to learn more about the essential steps of Phase 1 of GA4 implementation: auditing your UA setup and thorough implementation planning. Want an overview of the entire process? Download […]

Essential Digital Banking KPIs


A 2021 study by Chase indicates that digital-first banking appeals across generations today. 62% of all consumers consider Mobile banking Apps “indispensable”, while 73% use Mobile Apps as their primary money management method. There is no denying the way we bank has changed, and digital banking is playing an increasingly larger role in how we […]

GA4 Migration Checklist – Auditing and Planning

Prepare for the future with the help of e-CENS’s GA4 migration guide

In March, Google confirmed what experts in the web analytics space have been anticipating for some time now: Universal Analytics will be fully decommissioned by October 2023. After several years in beta, its successor, Google Analytics 4, will become the new default Google Analytics property. While it may feel like a race against time to […]