7 Key Customer Success Metrics to Track

key customer success metrcs

Measuring your customer success metrics is one of the best ways to get a sense of how well your business is performing. Customer success is critical to a sustainable business strategy, especially in SaaS organizations. Too many tracking techniques start and end with customer acquisition, with little to no monitoring of what occurs after a […]

4 Essential Digital Banking KPIs


A 2021 study by Chase indicates that digital-first banking appeals across generations today. 62% of all consumers consider Mobile banking Apps “indispensable”, while 73% use Mobile Apps as their primary money management method. There is no denying the way we bank has changed, and digital banking is playing an increasingly larger role in how we […]

Migrating to GA4: UA to GA

migrating to ga4

Table of Contents Migrating to GA4: What you need to know Are you migrating to GA4? It is no trivial task getting ready to switch from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4. It’s not enough to rely on either the Upgrade Assistant or reworking the tracking code. The migration process is a project that requires […]

How Mobile Analytics Reveal Your Mobile Customer Journey

mobile analytics journey

The Mobile customer journey is an integral part of your customers’ experience. And, with customer experience continuing to reign as a key competitive differentiator and revenue accelerator, “How well do you understand your users?” is a question companies should ask themselves more frequently – and with more urgency. To learn how a consumer builds their […]

4 Common Mobile Analytics Pitfalls to Avoid


Avoiding Mobile Analytics pitfalls is part of the challenge that businesses face now that Mobile Analytics is gaining traction. If your business is ready to take your first step, this article explains how to go about implementing Mobile Analytics, and cautions against the 4 common Mobile Analytics pitfalls businesses make when they first start out. […]

The Top Four Mobile App Metrics to Track

You should often check Mobile App metrics as they are key indicators of your product’s functionality.

The primary Mobile App metric most teams follow when they launch a Mobile App is downloads. But, downloads are just the starting point. Keeping your users engaged and coming back to your app is notoriously difficult to achieve, with the latest reports putting the average day 30 retention rate for Mobile Apps at barely above […]

How is GA4 different from Universal Analytics?

GA4 vs GA3

Marketing teams are asking: ”how is GA4 different from Universal Analytics? Google Analytics is used by more than 60% of sites to measure and analyze website effectiveness. Marketers are well acquainted with Universal Analytics’ possibilities and functionalities. e-CENS presents what Google Analytics 4 (GA4) offers us instead. Table of Contents Google Analytics, Meet the Family […]