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Google Analytics 201 (GA201)

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About this course:

This course is designed for intermediate users who have taken the GA101 course and are comfortable with the basic reports in the Google Analytics interface. If you are completely new to Google Analytics, it is recommended that you take the Google Analytics 101 course first.

Session 1: Initial setup & Data collection principles, Property configuration

Topics covered:
  • Setup & Data collection principles:
    • Analytics fundamentals recap
    • Google Analytics account setup
    • Accounts, properties and views
    • Roll-up Reporting
  • Property configuration:
    • Important Properties Settings
    • Referral Exclusions
    • Tool Integrations
    • Audience sharing for remarketing
    • Custom dimensions

Session 2: View Configuration & Enhancing your GA data

Topics covered:
  • Data Collection/Organization/Filtering:
    • View Filters
    • Bot Filtering
    • Configuring Site Search
    • Content Groupings
    • Custom Channel grouping
    • Segmentations
    • Annotations
    • Custom Alerts
    • User Interaction Tracking
    • E-Commerce Settings and tracking
    • Multi-Channel Funnel
    • Data Driven Attribution

Learning Outcome

You will learn how to set the correct foundation for the data collection and setting up a scalable architecture that suits your business needs. You will also learn how to collect, organize and analyze data for your various business function needs and will get exposure to the important analytics features for better data governance.