Firebase 101 (FA101)


About this course:

This course has been designed for beginners and intermediate users who wish to get up to speed with Firebase to build powerful data-driven mobile or web applications. Familiarity with basic HTML, CSS and Javascript is a plus.

Session 1: Firebase Analytics Fundamentals

Topics covered:
  • Overview of Firebase Analytics structure set-up
  • Firebase Platform Support – iOS, Android & Web
  • Firebase Analytics Dashboard
  • Foundational concepts and terms – Events, user properties & conversions
  • Measurement planning – App Objective and funnel

Session 2: Using Firebase reports and measuring success

Topics covered:
  • Firebase Analytics Reports
    • Firebase Dashboard Recap
    • Crashlytics report
    • Acquisition reports
    • Engagement reports
    • Audience report
  • Measuring Success:
    •  Automatic events
    • Custom events
    • User properties
    • Funnels Set-up
    • Audience creation & sharing
    • Additional Firebase features

Learning Outcome

You will learn how to set the correct foundation for the data collection and setting up a scalable architecture that suits your business needs. You will also learn about efficient ways of tracking ecommerce journeys, and build an audience set to retarget them to enhance conversion. You will understand additional firebase features that optimizes the user engagement.