e-CENS Training Courses

CM360 Training Workshops


About this course:

Gain basic working knowledge of Campaign Manager to understanding what it is used for, why it is used and a brief understanding of the functionalities. The course covers modules that will allow attendees to understand how to traffic standard creative & track advertising on 3rd party platforms/channels as well as reporting functionalities. The course is also hosted by e-CENS’ partner Incubeta.

CM360 Essentials (Non-Practitioners)

Topics covered:
  • Where Campaign manager Fits into GMP
  • What is Campaign Manager
  • What Do We Use It For
  • Trafficking Solutions
  • Reporting Capabilities listed
  • User Interface Overview
  • User roles and access levels
Time: 1.5 hours
$ 1,300

CM360 Fundamentals (Practitioners)

Topics covered:
  • About CM
  • Managing User Access
  • What are sites & How to Create Them
  • Structure in CM
  • Trafficking Campaigns:
  • Standard Banners
  • Click Trackers
  • Tracking Ads
  • Testing tags
  • Basic Reporting
  • Overview (platform walkthrough)
Time: 2.5 hours
$ 2,000

CM360 Advanced Modules

Topics covered:
  • Advanced Trafficking
  • Reporting in Campaign Manager
  • Conversion Measurement & Audience Collection
  • Attribution in CM
  • Brand Safety
Time: 2.5 hours
$ 2,000