8 Common Challenges and Solutions in Implementing Web Analytics Software 

Web Analytics is a vital instrument for contemporary businesses, aiding them in making informed decisions about their marketing strategies.  However, as potent as these tools might be, they often encounter numerous challenges. This article will identify and discuss eight common obstacles faced by many organizations while attempting to implement web analytics software.  We will also […]

7 Benefits of Customer Data Platform for Customer Insights & Personalization

CDPs are one of the most important pieces of tech companies should have in their MarTech stack. How important is it? In our podcast, “The Digital Disruption Podcast”, CDPs came to light in episode two when we were talking about building an amazing customer experience. From giving a personalized experience to building a centralized space […]

6 Tips to Create a Robust Customer Journey Experience

Many marketers have this mystical vision of a customer journey experience like a novel-based journey, where everything is pre-determined, and you know where everything will fall. Is it actually like this? No! I was once guilty of thinking the same, but I feel no shame in admitting my wrongs and discussing them. But the more […]