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Digital Transformation


Why digital transformation?

Digital transformation is intentional change directed at the goal of advancing your organization’s digital maturity: enhanced customer experience, measurement, and improved media efficiency & effectiveness

Change for change’s sake is rarely purposeful. It must be directed to make it transformational toward a desired end goal.

The thoughtful assessment, discovery, design, and execution that go into a robust digital transformation initiative are crucial components that make change truly transformative.

Digital maturity as and end goal

Every year, the digital landscape grows more complex. In 2023, the team at lists the number of MarTech platforms at over 11,000.

The temptation is to think that more marketing technology equals increased digital maturity, but experience dictates that is rarely the case.

Digital transformation directed toward digital maturity creates a synergy of more centralized, coordinated, and integrated data, technology, processes, and people areas of your business. The transformation and maturity comes from having increased capabilities to deliver personalized and seamless customer experiences and a more advanced capacity to activate media, target audiences, measure the impact of marketing and advertising, and optimize around your business objectives.

Why is digital maturity the goal? Companies that achieve more connected, data-centric, and data-driven marketing realize double-digit improvements in both media efficiency and media effectiveness. That translates into increased sales or a qualified lead pipeline at a lower cost per acquisition.

Our approach to digital transformation consulting

When you work with e-CENS on a Digital Transformation initiative, our expert team will: 

image 5 Digital Transformation

Digital Maturity Assessment


1 Brand/Line of Business

What’s included

Stakeholder Survey

2 x 90-minute Group Interviews

Data Infrastructure Assessment

Tech Infrastructure Assessment

Process Assessment

Skills Matrix Assessment

Current State Scorecard

Engagement Duration

4 Weeks

image 7 Digital Transformation

Transformation Strategy



What’s included

Everything from Assessment Pkg

12 x Individual Interviews

Digital Maturity Framework

Full Infrastructure Assessment

Current State Scorecard

Transformation Strategy

Transformation Guide Book

Engagement Duration

12 weeks

image 6 Digital Transformation

Transformation Guide Book



What’s included

Everything from Strategy Pkg

Ongoing Strategic Consulting

Measurement Framework Support

Taxonomy & DQM

1st Party Data Strategy

Audience Segmentation Strategy

1 x Tech Maturity Project/Quarter

Engagement Duration

6-12 months

What e-CENS clients say

Industries We Serve​

governments Digital Transformation
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subscription based industries Digital Transformation
Subscription-based industries
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tourism boards
Tourism boards

What Should You Expect from e-CENS Digital Transformation Engagement?

discovery Digital Transformation


An e-CENS digital maturity assessment provides a tangible benchmark for your where your organization stands today in terms of four key pillars: data, tech, process, and people. It sets the stage for your digital transformation strategy and guide book.

metrics framework Digital Transformation


Through a rigorous collaborative discovery process we uncover and create a set of consensus business requirements and a strategic framework for where your organization wants to go in terms of transformation and digital maturity.

The strategic recommendations are the building block for the Digital Transformaton Guide Book, which provides the tactical level detailed projects and deliverables that help you execute your transformation initiative.

Digital Transformation


Let our team of senior consultants design a Transformation Guide Book for your organization that lays out the projects, investments, deliverables, and process changes that support your transformation goals.

Successful transformation initiatives represent intentional change with specific objectives in mind. All change is disruptive, but change for its own sake is rarely good for an organization. Committed change aligned to expected outcomes that stakeholders have agree upon ahead of time supports growth, efficiency, profitability, and success.

reporting dashboarding Digital Transformation


Once its time to execute, we’ll be here as your partner throughout the process of implementing technical changes, process changes, training & upskilling your teams, vendor selection, and measuring and refining based on what you learn along the way.

After you complete the digital transformation process with e-CENS as your partner, you will have a clear picture of where you stand today, where you want to get to tomorrow, and the strategic and technical detail to get you there:

  • Currrent State Assessment
  • Digital Transformation Strategy
  • Digial Transformation Guide Book

Tool-Agnostic Digital Transformation

Unlock Transformational Digital Maturity with e-CENS!

At e-CENS, we empower your digital transformation without forcing specific technology. Seamlessly integrating with your existing infrastructure, we cater to various tools, adapting effortlessly to your needs.

Tailored Solutions:

Choose between comprehensive bundled technology or a flexible MACH architecture. We provide strategic guidance for informed decisions, elevating your digital maturity with enhanced customer experiences and optimized media efficiency.

The Synergy of Transformation:

Our robust initiatives centralize and integrate your data, technology, processes, and people, fueling powerful synergy across your business areas.

Data-Centric and Result-Driven:

Foster data-driven marketing with personalized customer experiences, precise audience targeting, and impact measurement.

Unleash Potential:

Digital maturity leads to double-digit improvements in media efficiency, driving increased sales and reduced acquisition costs.

Partner with e-CENS for transformative growth. Embrace digital maturity for unparalleled business success. Contact us now for strategic guidance and seamless execution!

Looking for “golden nugget” insights into your current level of digital maturity?

Want to make more effective use of your technology stack?

Benefits of Digital Maturity

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