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Data Governance

Data Governance and Compliance

What you can't control
– you risk losing.

Are Your Data Practices in Compliance with Regulations?
Do They Uphold Best Consumer Interests?

Privacy Regulations Compliance

e-CENS is an experienced Data Governance and Compliance Service provider with a significant track record of bringing complex global organizations in compliance with varying regional regulations on a seamlessly unified platform.

Pursuit of Best Consumer Interests

Governance is the process of ensuring that the business is capturing necessary information in compliance with regulatory requirements and that internal data practices and procedures are in line with pursuing the best consumer interests.

Non-compliance can result in heavy fines and negative publicity. Enterprises, especially major corporations, need to be proactive at ensuring their information collection and sharing practices meet the requirements and the business needs. 

It is your responsibility to complete self-checks of compliance with the privacy laws. Your governance practices and procedures must be constantly updated as requirements change.

We regularly perform data governance audits while incorporating the most recent rules and regulations.

We supply you with the tools and methods to deal with data transformation necessary to keep up with the data governance.

These include:

Regional Influence on User Data Engineering Requiring Consent Management

Real-time ongoing operations of the enterprise require that the data be engineered in real-time and in systematic ways. It is important for compliance purposes to understand what type of data should be collected and used in different geographic regions, requiring significant customization. This customization adds significant operational complexity to global organizations.

As you know, some regions, like the EU and California, restrict what data can be captured and outline how to inform users about their consent options and privacy choices. 

We help organizations design and implement optimized yet compliant consent management processes and procedures.

Tools in Consent Management Process

Consent management is a process supported by multiple commercially available solutions. 

Companies providing the tools typically offer many versions of these tools: the default version and multiple customized versions. The needs of complex enterprises often steer them to customized versions.

We engage with our clients to configure the tools to meet business needs and regulators’ requirements.

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Privacy and Compliance Monitoring – Tag Compliance

After implementing proper technologies and data tracking processes, you need to maintain compliance with all the appropriate privacy regulations and self-monitor your compliance. This task becomes even a bigger challenge when you deploy the third-party pixels, such as tracking by the third-party agency.

We routinely help select, deploy, and use the automated tools that fit clients’ unique needs and infrastructure. e-CENS team has experience with multiple data governance tools, such as DataTrue, ObservePoint, Tag Inspector. These tools allow our team to read the architecture and tag loading sequences to ensure proper implementation.

How many tagging systems did you have implemented over the years? We see that some sites have more than one tagging system in place, a legacy of multiple site changes.

Can you tell with confidence what you track on your site? In-app? On all micro-sites? By all involved agencies? What data are you actually collecting?

We know that some front-ends declare that they capture one thing while piggybacking tags capture something very different.

The result of our Data Transformation and Data Governance project is one set of tags that are properly configured, compliant, and optimized for your business needs. 

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Proactive Data Governance Compliance

Governance is not a one-time project. It does not go away after installing the tag and consent management solution. To be compliant, the organization must maintain a compliant data repository and implement ongoing compliant data governance.

When we install advanced marketing pixel tracking or implement analytics, we embed multiple online triggers. They are critical for monitoring the health check of the tags. They ensure that tags are firing correctly and in all the places where they need to be activated.

During the website changes, the tags are sometimes removed or otherwise affected. Modification of tag environment results in an inability to report accurate web analytics and, as a result, properly respond to and influence user behavior.

The tools we put in place will help you see what parts of the website are trackable. You also will be able to catch where tags have been accidentally removed and where multiple tags were installed on the same page by accident. Proper tagging will stop under-reporting and over-reporting, resulting in a more accurate picture of your web analytics.

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Ready to create proactive and compliant Data Governance?

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