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Firebase 201 (FA201)


About this course:

This course has been designed for beginners and intermediate users who wish to get up to speed with Firebase to build powerful data-driven mobile or web applications. Familiarity with basic HTML, CSS and Javascript is a plus.

Session 1: Initial setup & Data collection principles, Project configuration

Topics covered:
  • A. Setup & Data collection principles:
    • Firebase fundamentals recap
    • Firebase analytics default events
    • Firebase attribution
    • Project configuration
    • Integration with GA4 account
    • SDK set-up and quick configuration
    • Programming Languages (iOS & Android)
    • Automatic Event Collection [Industry specific]
    • Custom Event Logging
  • Additional configuration:            
    • User Properties
    • Funnel Set-up
    • Tool Integrations
    • Data Studio
      • BigQuery
      • Google Ads
      • And other partners…

Session 2: Firebase Features & Analytics Integration

Topics covered:
  • e-Commerce Tracking & Audience Building:
    • Enhanced e-Commerce Measurement
    • Audience segmentation & creation 
    • Audience sharing
      • Push Notification
      • In-App Messaging
      • A/B Testing
      • Remote ConfigAdMob
    • Data import and measurement protocol
  • Feature enablement:
    • Deep Linking
    • Cloud Messaging
    • In-App Messaging
    • Prediction
    • A/B Testing
    • Remote Config

Learning Outcome

You will learn how to set the correct foundation for the data collection and setting up a scalable architecture that suits your business needs. You will also learn about efficient ways of tracking e-Commerce journeys, and build an audience set to retarget them to enhance conversion. You will understand additional Firebase features that optimizes the user engagement.