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Mobile App Analytics


Make Better Decisions with Mobile App Analytics.

Insights to Create Amazing Mobile App Experiences

e-CENS’ Mobile App Analytics optimize the user experience, marketing efficiency, and conversion rates.

How We Make Mobile Analytics Work For You

e-CENS’ Mobile App Analytics service results in clear visibility into how your customers try, adopt, use, and abandon their journeys within your mobile app to enable you with a more reliable and engaging revenue channel.



Would you like to know what factors drive users to your mobile app? 

What factors negatively affect the mobile app’s adoption and repeat usage?

Over 80% of retail has moved online, with 72–77% of users now preferring apps over the website. This trend forces our focus on mobile app performance – as a major revenue driver.

Mobile App Analytics by e-CENS

Mobile Analytics can help you find answers to:

If you still do not have answers to these or similar questions, it’s time to upgrade your Mobile App Analytics.

Collect User Insights

We track and analyze app installations, usage data, the buyer journey, friction points, and crash analytics – leveraging Mobile App Analytics to build a comprehensive understanding of your users’ behavior.

Integrate with Your Mobile App

e-CENS offers SaaS (Software as a Service) analytics from within your mobile app. Our Mobile Analytics as a Service [MAaaS] integrates with your existing mobile platform to capture user and app-specific data. This data is stored in a data lake (a single source for all enterprise data) for instant reporting and visualization.

Enable Better Decisions

Analytics helps you understand the “why” of user behavior. Want to know the reason the customer left the cart or checkout screen? With Mobile Analytics Tools, your team can track a comprehensive picture of app performance and identify user pain points – so that you can strategically implement data-driven remediation.

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What Should You Expect from the
e-CENS Mobile App Analytics Project?

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Implement user behavior analytics for your mobile app and mobile website.

We track and measure user experience data points from entry to the point of conversion or abandonment. This provides a clear picture of conversion blockers and decisive data-driven insights on how to improve the customer experience within your mobile app. 

If you work with an external agency, we liaise with the outsourced team and guide them through the process of mobile app tracking and analytics implementation.

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Troubleshoot prior Mobile App Analytics implementation issues

While using industry-leading Mobile App Analytics tools, we frequently need to fix or troubleshoot existing implementation issues within your mobile apps as per our industry benchmark. Our experts ensure that your mobile analytics implementation properly tracks user metrics to improve your user experience and engagement within the app.


For example, it is critical for the analytics tool to capture all interactions with the same naming conventions, irrespective of the app platform, in a single report. This supports the data collation process and enables analysis of the app experience in aggregate. Frequently, iOS and Android require different paths to arrive at the same experience. If you hired iOS implementation experts in the past, their naming convention might result in incorrect data capture and misleading analytics. 

e-CENS brings proper planning and rigor to the audit and unification of naming conventions. We ensure that both applications are identical when it comes to analytics, even if the app code might be different.

reporting dashboarding Mobile App Analytics

Apply audience builder and segmentation

We build and segment your app visitors based on their demographics, interests, behavior, etc. This reveals the Lifetime Value (LTV) of your engaged and valuable customers. Building a loyal customer base starts with understanding what segments convert despite any challenges and friction points of the journey. To address those users who abandon the journey, optimization begins with a comprehensive inventory of where and in what app version the audiences drop off.

Detailed analysis of user interactions, from installation to final purchase, is achieved via these reports: 

  • User Segmentation 
  • Funnel Analysis
  • Audience
  • User Journey

Our data scientists study what audience segments are more profitable and whether you successfully reached a specific audience or gathered a different user type. We also build lookalike audiences to increase the pool of prospects that are likely to adopt your Mobile App.

newspaper Mobile App Analytics

Generate crash analytics and reporting

We implement daily and weekly crash analytics and report full details of the affected devices, operating system, app version, etc. The real-time crash analysis allows your technical team to understand the scale of any issue and plan corrective measures based on app-crash severity and impact data.

bar chart and polyline Mobile App Analytics

Add trend analysis and reporting

We provide an overview summary of your app’s performance and identify key trends in user behavior over time. This allows your team to understand and monitor Mobile App performance and user engagement metrics. When customers face challenges, we deploy technologies that track and identify friction points.

analysis insights Mobile App Analytics

Implement Mobile App Analytics dashboards and reporting

The e-CENS team helps you build the story based on data and trends to empower you to base your decisions on the true picture that data reveals. 

The team designs custom dashboards to facilitate a deep-dive performance analysis. Reports and dashboard-updates are scheduled, ensuring that your stakeholders receive the data they need when they need it.

We train internal users and administrators on proper mobile analytics tool usage, maintenance, and reporting setup to ensure they are fully operational upon project end.

enhance Mobile App Analytics

Help structure and plan remediation and enhancement upgrades

Mobile app changes and enhancements are more complex than changes made to the website experience. They require significant planning, prioritization, take longer to implement in production and lead to more impactful consequences if not done right. Adding to the complexity, providing the same experience in iOS and Android sometimes requires quite different implementations. 


e-CENS assists your development team to prioritize enhancements and bug fixes that promise to generate the biggest lift over the current release.

Mobile App Analytics Tools

The Mobile App analytics tools market is a dynamic field with multiple solutions offering analytics of different stages of app usage and experience. However, no one single tool supports all necessary operations or provides all insights into the end-to-end journey.

e-CENS is a tool-agnostic provider – experienced with all best-in-class tools used to track and measure mobile app experience and user behavior.  We happily work with the tools that are already in place in your organization or can proficiently recommend the most suitable solutions for an enterprise ready to invest in mobile app performance visibility and optimization.

How will e-CENS support multiple teams in your business?

If your organization has multiple teams, all with different requirements in the outcomes they want from mobile analytics tools, e-CENS will ensure that your Mobile App Analytics implementation meets all their needs.

Improving User Engagement through Mobile Attribution

Mobile attribution connects multiple data points and user performance analyses. This allows you to identify which campaigns or marketing efforts led the user to install your mobile app. When implemented correctly, mobile attribution helps in understanding all user events throughout the conversion funnel.


Ready to improve your mobile app conversions and adoption by leveraging mobile analytics tools?

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Mobile App Analytics Benefits

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