Mobile Analytics | eBook

Mobile Analytics Ebook

Mobile App Analytics provide vital feedback on Apps, whether in development or production. Download the Mobile Analytics eBook for a comprehensive overview on their most crucial benefit in today’s market economy: instant insight into your App’s performance. Get the most out of Mobile Analytics Ever since the use of Mobile phones first surpassed computers back […]

Universal Analytics vs. Google Analytics 4 | eBook

UA vs. Google Analytics 4 eBook

Are you dreading the imminent discontinuation of Universal Analytics? Want to learn the benefits of Google Analytics 4? Then download our comprehensive “UA vs. Google Analytics 4” eBook. Get the most out of Google Analytics 4 To make sure the data you’re collecting remains valid, reliable, and actionable during this transitional period, it is necessary […]

GA4 Migration Checklist

GA4 Migration Checklist

Any switch between analytics tools is a long, labor-intensive process that typically takes several months to complete fully. And this particular migration from UA to GA4 comes with its own set of challenges.

The Anatomy of a Hit: Behind GA4’s Event-Based Data Model

ga4 event-based data model

What defines an Interaction Hit versus an Event Hit? This might seem like a simple question – but it is vitally important when it comes to separating Google Analytics 4’s event-based data model from Universal Analytics’. Universal Analytics (UA) recognizes seven separate hit types, i.e., types of trackable user interaction: Page view Event Social e-Commerce […]

UA vs. GA4: Campaign Tracking

campaign tracking with data analytics

We’ve all come to rely on Universal Analytics for tracking the performance of our marketing campaigns. With the switch to Google Analytics 4, how has campaign tracking changed? A side-by-side comparison reveals that GA4’s scope is greater than UA’s, even though its offer of reports is limited: So, what does GA4’s campaign tracking deliver, and […]

Universal Analytics vs. Google Analytics 4: User Metrics

ga4 user metrics

As the number of digital shoppers rises, so too do the types of devices they use to browse and purchase. These different devices represent equally valuable points of access. It is not a trivial analytics challenge to deal with all these data streams and keep track of your unique users. If you’re a multi-platform enterprise, […]

Migrating to GA4: UA to GA

migrating to ga4

Are you migrating to GA4? It is no trivial task getting ready to switch from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4. It’s not enough to rely on either the Upgrade Assistant or reworking the tracking code. The migration process is a project that requires significant time and effort, and typically takes months to complete. What’s […]

UA vs. GA4: Report Landscape

ua vs. ga4 reports

In the newest addition to our explanation of the differences between Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 4, we take a look at the two platforms’ Report Landscape. UA vs. GA4: Report Landscape Just by looking at the Navigation bar, users will notice some major differences between UA and GA4: In Universal Analytics, Reports are divided […]