Digital Transformation

Strategy & Roadmap

Does your investment in technology, business models, and processes effectively drive new value for customers?

Where are you on the Digital Maturity curve?

Are your customers' data across multi-channel, multi-touchpoints, and multi-platforms integrated with Ad tech, Marketing automation and
Sales & Service Automation systems? Want a better online experience?

Digital Transformation Strategy & Roadmap

e-CENS team brings along years of experience and deep level expertise in auditing your current marketing technology landscape, benchmarking your technology, people and processes capabilities while delivering a Strategy and the Roadmap of moving up the digital maturity curve ensuring that best short, mid and long-term value is realized for the customers.

The Six Stages of Digital Transformation

business as usual

Business as Usual

Organizations operate with a familiar legacy perspective of customers, processes, metrics, business models, and technology, believing that it remains the solution to digital relevance.


Present & Active

Pockets of experimentation and driving digital literacy and creativity, albeit disparately, throughout the organization while aiming to improve and amplify specific touch-points and processes.

formalized 200x200


Experimentation becomes intentional while executing at more promising and capable levels. Initiatives become bolder and, as a result, change agents seek executive support for new resources and technology. 



Individual groups recognize the strength in collaboration as their research, work, and shared insights contribute to new strategic roadmaps that plan for digital transformation ownership, efforts, and investments. 

converged 200 200


A dedicated digital transformation team forms to guide strategy and operations based on business and customer-centric goals.

The new infrastructure of the organization takes shape as roles, expertise, models, processes, and systems to support transformation are solidified.

innovative 200 x 200

Innovative & Adaptive

Digital transformation becomes a way of business as executives and strategists recognize that change is constant.

A new ecosystem is established to identify and act upon technology and market trends in pilot and, eventually, at scale.

According to the research, understanding the six stages of digital transformation maturity will lead to the following business benefits:

End-to-End Marketing Lifecycle Solutions

Do you have your Roadmap?  We have the Playbook to meet your needs!

Partner with e-CENS to develop and/or realign your Roadmap to meet with Company’s business objectives while ensuring optimal experience for your customers. 

Our approach to Strategy and Roadmap development takes into account all aspects of your End-to-End Marketing Lifecycle.  We take pride in partnering with our clients from Strategy development level to execution level to fit their needs.

e-CENS Digital Transformation Strategy Framework

Digital Transformation Strategy framework

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