Google Analytics Certification

e-CENS offers the following training options. For each, you can earn a certificate to demonstrate competency for current or prospective employers, etc.

While e-CENS’ certificates are completely independent of the GAIQ, all of our training options can help you prepare for the GAIQ.

e-CENS Analytics University (EAU) In-Person Training Workshops
The curriculum for our course goes into somewhat more depth than the competencies required for GAIQ, but if you’re planning to take the GAIQ, the courses will serve as valuable resources in your preparation.

The key learning takeaways, exercises, and optional final test can also help you prepare for the GAIQ and identify specific test topics that require additional attention.

EAU Coaching
Additionally, as part of the ongoing coaching available for our in-person training participants, you can work with your course instructor to build a personalized preparation plan for the GAIQ (on its own or as part of a broader plan for your next steps in analytics).

EAU Online Training
The curriculum for our online training mainly parallels our in-person training workshops (but without the benefit of one-on-one discussions, ongoing coaching, and personalized development plans). The online courses and follow-up materials (key learning takeaways, exercises, and optional final test) can help you prepare for the GAIQ.

Our Google Analytics online course would relate most directly to the GAIQ. Many of the implementation topics in our Google Tag Manager online course (such as event tracking and custom dimensions) would also apply to the GAIQ, but the more advanced discussions in our GTM course (about variables, data layer, workspaces, environments) are not likely to appear on the GAIQ.

Customize EAU Training at Your Location
If a group of individuals at your organization seek to earn their GAIQs, e-CENS can help design and deliver a customized preparation program, on its own as part of a broader program to demonstrate analytics competencies, foster an overall culture of analytics, and to help drive organizational development.



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