Data Intelligence

You reach your customers and prospects through the web, mobile, social, email, digital advertising, offline advertising and direct contact with your sales and call center teams.

You collect data from all of these channels. You are challenged with pulling this all together and harnessing its power.  Talk to us about the e-CENS Way, a proven methodology that produces results:

  • Collect data from all channels
  • Govern and check data to ensure accuracy
  • Move data from siloed systems into a unified and powerful data center
  • Derive insights from multiple data sets to target the most valuable audiences and invest in the most profitable channels and campaigns 

e-CENS designs and builds a complete multi-channel marketing analytics capability to focus your marketing investment and improve omnichannel revenue generation.

e-CENS is an internationally recognized team of data scientists, analysts, and strategists with over 15 years experience working with top globally-recognized brands. Experienced in finance, hospitality, health care, publishing, and e-commerce, e-CENS works with marketing and content teams who need to deliver and demonstrate measurable success for their investments in multi-channel digital programs and campaigns.



e-CENS’ team has over 15 years of experience working with leading companies in finance, travel and hospitality, publishing, and e-commerce. Our clients trust us to advise and manage their data to achieve successful business outcomes.