Conversion Rate Optimization

You manage multiple campaigns across multiple channels and targeted to multiple audiences. You want to make sure you’re getting as much return on investment as you possibly can.

This means doing everything that you can to improve conversion and drive increased revenue. It means digging deeper into your data to create better segments, targeting messaging more accurately, and delivering the number and timing of your messaging in a perfect combination. It means doing a better job at turning leads into sales. It also means that you need to recognize those leads that are more valuable than others. 

If this sounds like a complex process, you are right. This is why you should talk to us about the e-CENS Way, a proven methodology that produces results: 

  • Use digital data for content and marketing personalization
  • Design, plan, and execute A/B and Multivariate testing to identify the content and campaigns that yield the best conversion
  • Create predictive models based on analytics data to forecast campaign conversion results

e-CENS designs and builds a complete content and marketing testing, personalization, and predictive modeling program to improve conversion rates.

e-CENS' proven process improves your conversion rate optimization (CRO), improve your reach with better CRO

e-CENS is an internationally-recognized team of data scientists, analysts, and strategists with over 15 years experience working with top globally-recognized brands. Experienced in finance, hospitality, health care, publishing, and e-commerce, e-CENS works with marketing and content teams who need to deliver and demonstrate measurable success for their investments in multi-channel digital programs and campaigns.



e-CENS’ team has over 15 years of experience working with leading companies in finance, travel and hospitality, publishing, and e-commerce. Our clients trust us to advise and manage their data to achieve successful business outcomes.