e-CENS brings you the TL;DR from SplitMetrics’ Emerging Mobile Marketing Trends in 2023

Trend#1 Focus is on customer retention 

The pressures of the economic downturn means that retaining your existing customers is vital. In fact, in a previous TL;DR, we brought you data from Tealium demonstrating that, based on their estimates, attempting to acquire new customers is 5–25x more expensive than investing in your existing customer base. In reality, every Mobile App must balance cost per install against lifetime value.

Trend#2 Customer journeys start with the Mobile App

Thoughtful design combined with well-timed and targeted digital interactions like push notifications can provide a personalized and engaging user journey. Remember, transactional messaging must be done well to prevent disengagement; for more on this, see our previous TL;DR from MoEngage on transactional messaging in e-commerce.

Trend#3. “Valuegraphics” replace demographics

You have all seen the meme showing Ossy Osborne and The King of England, yes? The key message is they share the same demographics but very few of the same values and interests. Personalization built around demographics miss too large a component of your audience to be effective.

“Valuegraphics” provide insights into what motivates people and how their core values influence their decision-making. Valuegraphics is a new class of data research that aims to identify the beliefs, attitudes, and motivations that are driving individual and collective behavior.

Trend#4. The cookieapocalypse is driving new measurement frameworks

Evolving privacy regulations are reshaping app marketing. New approaches and new measurement frameworks are emerging to address both privacy concerns and effective attribution. In a previous TL;DR, we brought you the highlights from Tealium’s advice on surviving the cookieapocalypse.

To learn more, including hearing from experts in the industry, we recommend that you take a look at the original article. To learn more about how to gather data that will drive your Mobile Analytics, take a look at our Mobile Analytics e-book.

Harrie Bickle

Harrie Bickle

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