Personalization pulse check: e-CENS brings you the TL;DR

MoEngage provides a next-generation, insights-led customer engagement platform (CEP) trusted by more than 1,200 global consumer brands. This CEP simplifies marketing thanks to MoEnage’s all-in-one solution that demystifies the process of identifying your audience and creating, managing, and delivering messages to them.

MoEngage recently surveyed 2,000 North American Customers to understand their attitudes toward marketing and personalization.

Here is the TL;DR

1. Consumer expectations are rising

The broad majority (48%) of consumers want brands to understand their purchase needs, compensate them when they have a poor experience, and notify them about in-stock favorite products. 

2. More customers want personalization

27% of consumers want their communication personalized using purchase history. 32% choose brands they know will offer discounts based on items left in their cart. 56% expect a curated shopping experience from brands they engage with regularly.

3. Mobile is the message How do they want this curated shopping experience to be communicated? 45% say via a mobile app.

4. Contact matters 53% of customers interact with a brand more than 3 times before committing to a purchase.

If you are interested to learn more, you can read the full report “Personalization Pulse Check 2023″.

Disclaimer – Declaration of interest

We are not impartial observers of the CEP market. e-CENS are partners with providers such as MoEngage — offering expertise in selecting and tailoring our client’s CDP/CEP solutions.  
Sunil Attri

Sunil Attri

Certified in analytics technologies and methodologies and media stack, Sunil has over 14 years of experience in analytics, customer insights, business intelligence, and conversion rate optimization in web and mobile for a range of industries, such as retail, healthcare, media, finance, transportation, and hospitality.

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