3 Free, Virtual Tealium CDP Events You Can Attend Soon

Looking for free, virtual Tealium CDP events to attend to boost your knowledge on the subject? Then you’re in the right place.

In marketing, data is king. Responding to vital market insights enables your company to tailor customer experiences and offer the best value while increasing your reach and conversions.

But, with new data regulations coming into effect and the rapid decline of third-party cookies, marketers are facing new obstacles. A Customer Data Platform (CDP) solves these issues, giving marketers the long-coveted ‘single view’ of their customers, and personalization capabilities that go far beyond previous techniques.

So, why do you need to know more about CDPs? Well, marketing is more complex than ever, and customer expectations are higher than ever. Companies that can transcend traditional marketing with unique, personalized communications in real-time are the ones who generate loyal customers.

To guide new users in their exploration of CDP capabilities, Tealium is offering three free webinars in the coming weeks.

tealium cdp events


Why Adopt a CDP? Assessing the Past, Present, and Future Data Climate

May 19, 7:00pm CEST

CDPs are becoming more popular, and have gone from a promising new approach to a fully-fledged and highly-beneficial means of data analysis. For the first time, companies can focus on individual customers, tailoring their journey, increasing value, and fostering loyalty like never before.

The coronavirus pandemic led to a massive acceleration in digital businesses, bringing with it an influx of data – not just in terms of volume, but also the variety, and velocity. This increase meant that businesses had more demand for storing, accessing, and utilizing data effectively – a solution provided by a CDP.

Part one of the webinar series will explore the benefits of adopting a CDP for businesses, and will present successful case studies where a CDP has had a major effect on data analysis and marketing implementation.

tealium cdp events

The Importance of Switching to a First-Party Data Strategy

May 25, 7:00pm CEST 

Customer behavior shifted dramatically – largely due to the pandemic – over the last two years. With this change in behavior came higher expectations – not just of the communications they receive, but over how their data is handled.

Customers favor a privacy-first internet, and tech-leader-backed regulations have been enacted at such a rapid rate that many marketers have been flung into a tailspin.

The regulations mean that marketers who have long relied on third-party cookies and tracking techniques have struggled to effectively target customers with their products and messages.

The second part of Tealium’s webinar series will help marketers prepare for the disappearance of cookies and assess the probable impact on their business. There will be expert tips for implementing a first-party data strategy – enabling companies to personalize messages while staying within data regulations.

Expert Tips for Getting Buy-in and Successfully Onboarding a CDP

June 01, 7:00pm CEST

The long-term success of any business relies on the quality and structure of its data gathering and analysis. Using Customer Data Platforms creates a customer-centered data structure by consolidating data from all communication channels, effectively removing data from any ‘silo’.

Companies who adopt a CDP will need to decide which use cases to tackle first, and who should be involved in the process.

The third part of Tealium’s webinar series is all about implementing a CDP in your workplace and finding the best way to add value to your operation.

Register for the event to hear expert tips on:

  • Getting buy-in across your organization, including C-level
  • Building a bulletproof CDP strategy

Interested in how you can implement Tealium and reap the benefits of gathering all your customer data in a unified source? Then feel free to schedule a quick session with e-CENS.

Our team will guide you through all the use cases you may have for adopting a CDP solution and help you chart out a future-ready roadmap. Connect with us today.

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Sunil Attri

Sunil Attri

Certified in analytics technologies and methodologies and media stack, Sunil has over 14 years of experience in analytics, customer insights, business intelligence, and conversion rate optimization in web and mobile for a range of industries, such as retail, healthcare, media, finance, transportation, and hospitality.

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