Driving Conversions with MoEngage: e-CENS brings you the TL;DR

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We are not impartial observers of the CEP market. e-CENS are partners with providers such as MoEngage — offering expertise in selecting and tailoring our client’s CDP/CEP solutions.


The Engagement

MoEngage provides a next-generation, insights-led customer engagement platform (CEP) trusted by more than 1,200 global consumer brands.


Setting up such a CEP to simplify the process of identifying your audience and creating, managing, and delivering messages to them takes time and expertise. e-CENS partnered with AlSaif to help develop their growth strategy as part of our managed services. AlSaif had already identified MoEngage as the ideal CEP to deliver that strategy.

MoEngage has released a case study demonstrating that this short engagement together with their CEP has provided a 15% revenue up-tick.

CEP Customer Engagement Platform case study outcomes

Alsaif Gallery is the leading Saudi retailer for kitchen appliances and rates among the 100 most popular Saudi brands. In 2017, they initiated an e-commerce store to augment their retail stores.


Alsaif Gallery integrated with MoEngage and started utilizing the segmentation feature to draw retention campaigns and increase conversions. For example, some simple campaigns focused on the most browsed or highest-selling products.


The implementation included event triggers and user attribution to drive segmentation and communicated with customers via Mobile App push and emails. It also leveraged features such as Flows, Dynamic Product Messaging, and Segmentation with delayed optimization using Sherpa (MoEngage’s proprietary AI engine).


The outcome

📈15% increase in revenue

📈Increased conversions: e.g. conversion rate of 57% from one campaign

📈58% increase in DAUs and a 39% increase in MAUs over Black Friday

The trinity works, e-CENS partnered with AlSaif to help develop their growth strategy as part of our managed services, and we leveraged MoEngage’s CEP to deliver that strategy. Learn more from the original MoEngage case study.

Sunil Attri

Sunil Attri

Certified in analytics technologies and methodologies and media stack, Sunil has over 14 years of experience in analytics, customer insights, business intelligence, and conversion rate optimization in web and mobile for a range of industries, such as retail, healthcare, media, finance, transportation, and hospitality.

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