Clearing It Up: Google Analytics vs. Firebase

google analytics vs. firebase

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) has an interesting heritage — leading to GA4 being the first Google Analytics solution that supports both Web and Mobile analytics.  So what does GA4’s arrival as Google’s new default analytics property mean for Firebase users? Can GA4 now fully replace Google Analytics for Firebase, or should they be used in […]

Essential Digital Banking KPIs


A 2021 study by Chase indicates that digital-first banking appeals across generations today. 62% of all consumers consider Mobile banking Apps “indispensable”, while 73% use Mobile Apps as their primary money management method. There is no denying the way we bank has changed, and digital banking is playing an increasingly larger role in how we […]

Understand Your KPIs: Key e-Commerce Metrics for Success

key e-commerce metrics

“Most businesses are data rich, but information poor.” Avinash Kaushik, author of Web Analytics 2.0 What are the key e-Commerce metrics you should be measuring? Read on to find out. The way companies collect and analyze data can differentiate between success and failure in the competitive e-Commerce market. All business decisions are data-driven, so accurate […]

3 Free, Virtual Tealium CDP Events You Can Attend Soon


Looking for free, virtual Tealium CDP events to attend to boost your knowledge on the subject? Then you’re in the right place. In marketing, data is king. Responding to vital market insights enables your company to tailor customer experiences and offer the best value while increasing your reach and conversions. But, with new data regulations […]

Tealium CDP Named a Leader in 2022 IDC Report

tealium CPD

Analyst and market intelligence company IDC has named Tealium a leader in the CDP market in their recent industry report.  The report considered several CDP vendors whose focus is primarily on Martech users, data science and analytics, IT, data operations, and privacy and compliance. They include organizations such as SAP, Oracle, Twilio, and Epsilon, among […]

Forrester CDP Report: Tealium Can Deliver Over 300% ROI

forrester cdp report

In January, Forrester published a Forrester CDP report that examines the cost savings and business benefits that come from adopting Tealium’s Customer Data Platform (CDP).  To ascertain the primary benefits of CDP adoption, Forrester interviewed five Tealium adopters. After the interviews and financial analysis were completed, the data was pulled into a single source that […]

Customer Segmentation +; 5 uses for a Customer Data Platform

Customer Segmentation is key to creating a personalized user journey.

Customer segmentation is a crucial area of innovation by companies committed to staying ahead of the competition. One area in which such innovation is legendary is in Digital Marketing and the respective Adtech and Martech ecosystems. These have played a crucial role in targeting web-based audiences. The Customer Data Platform (CDP) enables marketing efforts to be […]

Key Considerations when Adopting a Customer Data Platform

A CDP is a big ticket item, it is important to undertake a robust discovery journey before choosing your Customer Data Platform

The Customer Data Platform (CDP) solves the problems of disconnected and siloed customer data. It empowers you to identify, and offer the appropriate engagement to, the right customer at the right time. This is why CDPs are such a hot topic in marketing right now.  The CDP has seen significant gains in popularity in the […]

Customer Data Platforms – What to Expect

CDP_what to expect

Are you Considering a Customer Data Platform (CDP)? It is a vital element of successful marketing to understand your customers to improve conversion rates. A favorite tool to track, and subsequently target, existing, and prospective customers with customized offerings has long been the third-party cookie. We examined how the regulatory landscape has challenged it in […]