Demo: Tealium Customer Data Hub


Tealium’s Customer Data Hub offers customers the ability to collect, correlate, enrich, and activate audience level data and then integrate that data back into their own business intelligence or data warehouse environment.

40% Increase in Test Drive Visits


Learn how partnering with e-CENS has encouraged visitors of an Automotive business to request a test drive by increasing the number of interactions.

The Effectiveness of Quality Data in a Competitive Landscape

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In today’s landscape, it is becoming increasingly critical for organizations to have access to quality data to enable not just the delivery of solutions that meet the needs of your customers, but also to ensure that their effectiveness and impact can be measured.

Demo: Tealium AudienceStream Audience Management


AudienceStream allows you to create a unified view of your customers, correlating data across every customer touchpoint, and then leverage that comprehensive customer profile across your entire digital marketing stack.

What is the Tealium Customer Data Hub?


A universal approach to managing customer data and engagement across vendors, teams, and customer touchpoints in real time. Tealium’s Customer Data Hub is the operating system for digital business, allowing customer-facing teams to fuel better, more consistent customer experiences in every channel.

Customer Journey Mapping


Highly targeted audiences and customer segments supported advanced personalization for greater user engagement.

Conversion Rate Optimization


Learn how partnering with e-CENS tripled a telecommunications business’ CRO through a Google Analytics (360)-enhanced e-Commerce implementation.