e-CENS brings you the TL;DR from SplitMetrics’ Emerging Mobile Marketing Trends in 2023

Emerging Mobile Marketing Trends in 2023

Trend#1 Focus is on customer retention  The pressures of the economic downturn means that retaining your existing customers is vital. In fact, in a previous TL;DR, we brought you data from Tealium demonstrating that, based on their estimates, attempting to acquire new customers is 5–25x more expensive than investing in your existing customer base. In […]

TL;DR transactional messaging in e-Commerce

Transactional message such as a delivery alert arrives on a man's phone

What is transactional messaging? Transactional messages are those necessary notifications that ensure a product or service arrives in the hands of your customer. They include: The quality and effectiveness of your transactional messaging impact your customer engagement. Your customer places trust in you once they have paid for an item that will be shipped, they […]