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e-CENS welcomes Patrick Soch as the Senior Director of Digital Transformation

May 2023 — e-CENS is pleased to introduce Patrick Soch as the new Senior Director of Digital Transformation. With extensive experience and expertise in digital marketing and transformation, Patrick’s appointment brings invaluable insights that will give our clients the edge required to stay competitive. With over 20 years of experience in digital marketing, Patrick is […]

e-CENS News: we welcome Guillermo Vilarroig as a Partner!

Dubai, UAE, February 15, 2023 – e-CENS is pleased to announce the addition of Guillermo Vilarroig, founder of OVERALIA, IMANTA and as a partner. With this addition, e-CENS aims to boost its digital analytics and marketing services, expand its geographic footprint, and offer broader capabilities to its global clients. Guillermo brings a wealth of experience […]

e-CENS Welcomes Sunil Attri as Partner

sunil attri e-CENS partner

We are pleased to announce that Sunil Attri, our Director of Data and Customer Analytics, has become an e-CENS Partner.  Sunil Attri has been part of the e-CENS team since 2017: leading major digital transformation projects for large and mid-size enterprise clients such as Dubai Tourism, Seera Group, Abu Dhabi Media Company, Saudia Airlines, DAMAC […]

Mobile App Analytics Tools: Supporting Every Team in Your Company


As market conditions change swiftly in today’s economy, mobile app analytics tools and the increased granularity of data they deliver are becoming a deciding factor in accurately predicting and adapting to those changes.  With today’s top-performing Mobile App Analytics tools, you can learn virtually anything about your users’ behavior: how they come across your app, […]

The Best Mobile App Analytics Toolstack

user on phone checking their mobile app analytics

Planning out and equipping your Mobile App analytics toolstack is a challenging task. Sometimes a number of questions relating to its full deployment stay unanswered – meaning the full potential for uncovering actionable insight remains untapped. In this article, we discuss three of the leading Mobile Analytics solutions today: Firebase, Mixpanel and Adjust.

How Mobile Analytics Reveal Your Mobile Customer Journey

mobile analytics journey

The Mobile customer journey is an integral part of your customers’ experience. And, with customer experience continuing to reign as a key competitive differentiator and revenue accelerator, “How well do you understand your users?” is a question companies should ask themselves more frequently – and with more urgency. To learn how a consumer builds their […]

Digital Analytics: What can it do for you?

digital analytics

What is Digital Analytics? Digital Analytics describes a wide ecosystem that utilizes qualitative and quantitative data from both your own business and that of your competitors. This analysis informs the continual improvement of the customer experiences of your brand’s touchpoints. [Adapted from Google’s own Avinash Kaushik] What Separates the Good from the Bad? Data analysts […]

4 Common Mobile Analytics Pitfalls to Avoid


Avoiding Mobile Analytics pitfalls is part of the challenge that businesses face now that Mobile Analytics is gaining traction. If your business is ready to take your first step, this article explains how to go about implementing Mobile Analytics, and cautions against the 4 common Mobile Analytics pitfalls businesses make when they first start out. […]

MoEngage and e-CENS announce their strategic partnership to empower brands to create better CX for their customers

e-CENS and Moengage

MoEngage, the industry-leading insights-led Customer Engagement Platform, has announced a strategic partnership with the data insight delivery company e-CENS to lead enterprise growth in MEA. The synergy of MoEngage and e-CENS combines the power of data insights with expert data analysis management. Consumer preferences and purchase behavior in the MEA have changed rapidly due to […]

How to Win Millennial Engagement in 2022: Report by MoEngage

moengage millennial report 2022

For years it’s been a recurring question for brands – what do Millennials respond to? What are their needs? And, what is the best way to attract and retain this generation of consumers’ interest in an era of short attention spans and an abundance of shopping choices? Wanting to provide answers, the recently published MoEngage […]