40% Increase in Test Drive Visits

Learn how partnering with e-CENS has encouraged visitors of an Automotive business to request a test drive by increasing the number of interactions.

The Challenge

Using the Contentsquare solution, a business in the Automotive industry identified two key insights into the user behaviour:

  • Visitors were displaying looping behaviours
  • At key points, users were left with a lack of clear next steps

The team noticed some unusual behaviour in the journey Analysis, with many users looping back and forth between the homepage and the new cars page — suggesting they were struggling to find key information and weren’t able to navigate to the site easily.

The Click Rate metric in Zone-based Heatmaps revealed that very few users were clicking the Toolkit, hidden at the bottom of the homepage, leading to a lack of clarity in a user’s journey.

The Solution

These conclusions led to a new experiment hypothesis: highlighting the visibility of the toolkit by implementing a sticky tools navigation on the right side of the page.

Business Outcome

The team saw a +40% increase in test drive visits. Plus a +10% increase in visits to the Finance Calculator, +12% visits to Find a Retailer and +3% to Car Configurator.

Sabrina Sherif

Sabrina Sherif

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